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Time Saving Double Brush Scrubber with Suction Cup Base


Leaves inside and outside spotless

Keeping your wine glasses, cups, mugs and bottles spotlessly clean, are no longer a hassle with this double brush scrubber. It is the perfect choice for easy cleaning, and for reaching down into those tough to reach corners and bottoms of your glasses and cups.

The Double Brush Scrubber features a 3 point suction base, which easily and firmly attaches to the walls of any kitchen sink. The suction base supports two scrubbing brushes; the central brush for inner parts of cups, and the side brush for outer parts of cups. Both work simultaneously to effectively remove stubborn stains, even in the most difficult to reach corners. This is an indispensable item for your kitchen if you must have clean glasses and cups!

Product Overview:

  • Firm grip ensures that glass doesn’t slip off while being washed
  • Easy to use design – insert the item to be cleaned and rotate
  • Health standard PP and PVC materials – for safe and long-lasting usage