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Magnetic Knife Hanger

$21.99 $15.99

This multi-use Magnetic Knife Strip provides a sleek, safe, super-efficient way to organize and de-clutter your cooking areas and work spaces. Easily access your kitchen knives – as well as your tools in the garage, home office, work area, shed, laundry room and living space. Our superior quality magnetic knife/tool bar holders are made with high quality magnets integrated into a polished stainless steel frame to hold your utensils safely in place: from butcher to carving knives, spoons, ladles, wrenches, screwdrivers, saws, hammers, clamps and everything in between. Use in place of a knife block to prevent your knives from getting dull and accumulating mold and bacteria that frequently build up in other closed storage solutions. Our magnetic holders mount on any wall or cabinet with ease, so you can see and reach what you need without taking up valuable counter top or workbench space.

  • High grade magnet 
  • Can hold as many knives as you want
  • Size: 13 inch width, 2 0.3 magnet strips
  • Estimated shipping time: up to 14 business days