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WALFOS Mini Vacuum Food Sealer

$12.99 $9.99


The worst part of opening a bag of a chips is that it gets stale if you don't eat them all. However, here is an amazing solution for you.

The Walfos Mini vacuum food sealer makes bags completely airtight so any food inside stays fresh for longer.

Made with non-toxic material and doesn't leave a lingering smell when you seal it. Another great thing about this is the magnetic base. You can stick it to any steel such as refrigerator so that you don't need to worry about losing it. 

Seal out the bag and keep the freshness inside. 

  • Do not touch the heating sealer when it is hot.
  • For the best result, press the device firmly and move the same direction slowly.
  • Do not press the device too long in one space on the bag. The device could melt down the bag. 
  • 2 AA battery required (not included)
  •  Estimated shipping time: up to 21 days