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Healthy Summer Frozen Yogurt Maker

$33.99 $23.99

 Who doesn't like ice cream in summer? 

But do you really want to have that much sugar?

How about making your own healthy summer treat for you and your kids?

This healthy summer frozen popsicle maker is the best summer treat you can have. you can add all the goodies you love !!

Get healthier, tastier, more fun ice treat this Summer 

How to use

1. mix all the ingredients in the mixing bowl (blue container)

2.  seal the exit hole with sleeve in the presser (white container)

3. push down in to the mixing bowl

4. seal the sleeve when it is full

5. put in a freezer for about 10 minutes

6. enjoy 

Estimated shipping time: up to 21 days

Package Content:

1Set 20PCS reusable pop sleeves
1PC Go to pop music production
1PC Mix spatula