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Reusable Aluminum Foil 4pcs Gas Stove Protector Non-Stick Cover/Liner

$13.99 $9.99

Protect, maintain and keep your stove-top clean

Cleaning stove-tops have never been fun, especially when the grease gets stuck. Make it easier on yourself, and prettier on your stove; get a stove shield that is willing to bear all the dirt, save you some stress, and keep your stove-top clean and preserved longer.

It is suitable for use on your stove at all times; foods that splash or splatter are never going to be a big deal anymore. The stove-shield is very easy to clean with soapy water; it doesn’t matter if it has collected the most difficult-to-clean mess! It is made from heat resistant material finished with a non-stick top.

To use: Place over the stove to determine the position of burners. Then cut to fit, and place over stove-top, with the burner passing through the cut hole to allow the foil to settle below flame and burner grate.

Product Overview:

  • Suitable for all gas stove types
  • Reusable and non-sticky
  • Very easy to clean
  • The material does not get distorted over time
  • Resists very high temperatures
  • Dimension: Approx. 270 x 270mm/ 10.63" x 10.63