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Vacuum Wine Stopper

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Vacuum Wine Stopper 
Kitchen Essential


Vacuum Wine Stopper is simple item that holds wine bottle to spill and also keeps wine as fresh as when you first open it. When you open a bottle of wine, the wine starts oxidizing and become sour. However, with this Vacuum Wine Stopper, you can keep your favorite wine long enough to enjoy.

 The Vacuum Wine Stopper is made with stainless steel and reinforced plastic so you do not need to worry about getting rusty or change the taste of wine.

How to use it:

1. push down to install

2. press the button to remove 

Additional information

* It fits most of 750ml wine bottle but it may not fit different shape or size wine bottles 

* Dishwasher friendly

* Please note that shipping to Alaska and Hawaii may have different shipping time and cost. Call or email us before purchasing for more information.


Stainless steel (surface)

reinforced plastic (inner face) 


1.18" X 1.97"

  • Estimated shipping time: up to 21 days